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Don’t worry about the paperwork, the process, the deadlines, or the court. Our Real Estate attorneys take care of all of that for you and we’ve designed our service to make this as stress free as possible.

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Real Estate can be tedious, so we do all the heavy lifting. We prepare the documents, tell you specifically what to do at each stage, and file all the paperwork to make your job as easy as possible.

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Certainty You Can Trust.

With more than 24 years combined experience, you can expect that the attorneys at Morris Law Center are

going to make sure you are taken care of with both certainty and accuracy.


The Morris Law team were great to work with. I had a time sensitive legal issue that needed to be addressed in order to sell my house. They were able to handle it quickly and painlessly which helped me avoid delays in closing my sale. I appreciated the responsiveness and transparency. I wish every company ran their business with the same level of service.

- Angela V.


The Nevada real estate industry is fast paced and more dynamic than ever. Whether a transaction is residential or commercial, you may find yourself in the midst of a complex legal matter that calls for— or even requires—legal support. The attorneys at Morris Law Center are well-versed in both residential and commercial real estate in Nevada. Our firm specializes in real estate law and offers a full range of real estate legal services.

Your matter may have you wondering whether or not you need an attorney at all. That’s why we offer complimentary, telephone consultations, so one of our attorneys can assess your situation, make recommendations,  and get you on the right track to resolving your real estate issue.

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Our Real Estate Practice Areas Include:

  • Appeals

  • Commercial Real Estate Law

  • Residential Real Estate Law

  • Real Estate Transactions

  • Short Sale and Loan Modification

  • Contract Drafting, Review, & Negotiation

  • Commercial Lease Review

  • Commercial Evictions

  • Earnest Money Deposit Litigation

  • Quiet Title Litigation

  • HOA Foreclosure Litigation

  • LVR Mediation

  • Quitclaim Deeds

  • Real Estate Disclosure Law

  • Disputes With or Between Real Estate Licensees

  • Commercial and Residential Sales and Loan Transactions

  • Deficiency Judgments

  • Mechanics Liens

  • Partitions

  • Closings

*Free consults for Estate Planning, Probate and Business Law matters. Other matters outside this scope may be subject to a $15 fee.



*Free consults for Estate Planning, Probate and Business Law matters. Other matters outside this scope may be subject to a $15 fee.